Optical Imaging Study of Aluminum Transcription Discs

from the

Milman Parry Collection of Oral Literature

Last Update 27-September-2012


Milman Parry ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milman_Parry ) collected Slavic folklore in the early 1930ís.The Milman Parry Collection of Oral Literature (MPCOL) is housed at Harvard University and includes 3000 aluminum transcription discs ( http://chs119.chs.harvard.edu/mpc/ ).This website is devoted to results of an imaging and sound restoration study performed in 2012 and on-going, which utilized 25 discs which span, and represent, the collection.

         General reference to the Berkeley Optical Sound Restoration Project is at http://irene.lbl.gov/

         Additional details on the methods can be found in 3D-Scanning.pdf

Report on Summer 2012 study of Parry Discs Parry Discs\Summer 2012 Study of Aluminum Transcription Discs.pdf

Alain Benninger Thesis Parry Discs\B3DM_documentation.pdf

Study of 25 discs showing images of the groove profile B3DM_GrooveSamples.pdf

Summary spreadsheet on the characteristics of the 25 disc set B3DM_GrooveSampleInfo.xlsx

Disc 4147 stylus version Parry Discs\stylus_cut.wav

Disc 4147 raw optical version Parry Discs\disc4147_120_1800_11_36000_1800_4.pri-SM0-QUa-p43-out2_4-int1-D1-44100-36000.wav

Disc 4147 optical version filtered to match frequency range stylus version Parry Discs\disc4147_120_1800_11_36000_1800_4.pri-SM0-QUa-p43-out2_4-int1-D1-44100-36000_filtered.wav

Disc 68 stylus version stylus_version.wav

Disc 68 raw optical version disc0068_100_1800_11_36000_1800_4.pri-SM0-QUa-p35-out2_4-int1-D1-44100-36000.wav

Disc 68 optical version filtered disc0068_100_1800_11_36000_1800_4.pri-SM0-QUa-p35-out2_4-int1-D1-44100-36000_filtered_same_amplitude.wav


Carl Haber

Physics Division

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory