Optical Imaging Study of the 1878 St. Louis Edison Tinfoil Recording

from the

miSci (museum of innovation and science)

Schenectady, New York

Last Update 24-October-2012

Schenectady Tinfoil full shot

This site provides information about the digital restoration of an Edison tinfoil record which dates from 1878.  The restoration was done as part of a larger project to restore, preserve, and create digital access to sound recordings using non-invasive optical methods.   This project is a collaboration between Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Library of Congress.

·        General reference to the Berkeley Optical Sound Restoration Project is at http://irene.lbl.gov/ ·

·        Link to miSci  www.miSci.org

·        Additional details on the methods can be found in 3D-Scanning.pdf

·        A description of the project to restore the 1878 tinfoil is Tinfoil_files\Restoring the 1878 St. Louis Foil.pdf

·        Powerpoint of a presentation given at miSci about the recovery of the recording, included embedded audio Tinfoil_files\MISCI-Edison-2012-POST.pdf

·        A short video clip of the scan Tinfoil_files\MVI_3097.MOV

·        A close-up clip Tinfoil_files\MVI_3096.MOV

·        A image of the scanning system Tinfoil_files\IMG_3089.JPG

·        A close-up image Tinfoil_files\IMG_3091.JPG

Audio files in WAV format


>>Recommended playback version: Full length filtered playback of the tinfoil Tinfoil_files\foil_top_ewc-DC-FIRFoil1CH.wav

The foil is easier to listen to if broken into distinct sections.  The sections are from the filtered version.

Section 1: Quiet lead-in with only the sound of the folds (see image above) Tinfoil_files\Leadin-filter.wav

Section 2: Brass instruments Tinfoil_files\Music-filter.wav

Section 3: Mary Had a Little Lamb Tinfoil_files\Mary-filter.wav

Section 4: Laughter Tinfoil_files\Laugher-filter.wav

Section 5: Old Mother Hubbard Tinfoil_files\Old-Mother-Hubbard-filter.wav

Section 6: Laughter and more speaking Tinfoil_files\More-laughter.wav

Full length raw playback of the tinfoil Tinfoil_files\foil_top_ewc.wav

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